The Finnish Felt Association Filtti has invited me to participate in the felt exhibition  “the Northern Landscape” next summer. It is in Kivipankki gallery in Jämsä in central Finland. The international works come from the Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. So much looking forward to it. Have already made one thousand flowers I plan to use in a three dimensional work.




I shall be participating in an international exhibition in South Korea in September. It is the third Biennial on the Korean wrapping cloth and patchwork tradition. I have been fortunate enough to participate in them all.2016 International Korea Bojagi Forum

The Third Biennial Conference on the Korean wrapping cloth and patchwork tradition

Bojagi – The Living Tradition 

September 1-4, 2016    

Place: Suwon / Hwaseong, a UNESCO designated historic Fortress city on the outskirts of Seoul. Built in 1794, much of the city has been restored to its former glory, and now houses museums, galleries and sporting events.  Lectures and exhibitions will be held in the historic architectural environments of the Sima Museum (Suwon I Park Museum of Art) and the Suwon/Hwasung Museum.

I have also been participating in a travelling exhibition in France, Colors of Latin America, that opened in L´Agaille en fête, Porte de Versaille , Paris.