Gerdur Gudmundsdottir

Homepage of the textile artist Gerdur Gudmundsdottir

Gerdur Gudmundsdottir

Velkomin á heimasíðu Gerðar Guðmundsdóttur, myndlistamanns. Heimasíða í sífelldri vinnslu.

Welcome to the website of Gerdur Gudmundsdottir textile artist. Website that is always in progress.

Einnig er hægt sjá verk eftir mig á-You can also see my works on:



I have just taken down my solo exhibition “Skynjun – Má snerta”. This is an exhibition that is made easily accessible to blind and visually impaired persons as all works could be touched. All visitors had a go as well.

I have already sent two works to Akureyri for the exhibition Disappearing Nature that is opening next May. Hope they arrive in time as post takes much longer during the Corona crisis. This is an exhibition with Icelandic and Finnish textile artists. I am excited about what the other artists are doing.